Our Solution

Sensoraide offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing the agricultural production. We leverage the power of Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize yields, improve the quality of final products and cut costs by saving resources.

  • Sensors

    We offer a wide variety of sensors applicable to all aspects of agricultural production.

    These include Air temperature, Humidity, Water quality, Evapotranspiration, Weather monitoring and many more.

    A modular architecture enables easy integration of new sensors without the need for hardware upgrade.

  • Web Platform

    Our main drive behind the design of the Sensoraide platform was a unique and easy experience for the user.

    This can be fully customized to show what is necessary for each farmer and his field, without sacrificing its user friendliness.

  • Power Management

    Our hardware is designed for ultra-low power consumption.

    Our sensors require no bulky and costly solar panels and are powered by a single AA-size battery. This is enough to keep them alive for more than 2 years!

  • Notification System

    Alerts and notifications work proactively to protect your crops.

    An Expert System monitors the data measurements from your crop and notifies you promptly through sms and email.

  • Wireless Communication

    Our sensors are connected to a central gateway using state-of-the-art LoRa™ technology. This allows a range of up to 15km in an open field.

    The protocol is specifically designed for battery operated IoT devices, permitting ultra-low power consumption in hibernation mode

  • Security

    All the latest industry-standard security procedures and protocols are adopted to secure both your transmitted and stored data.

    We provide a reliable and secure solution to ensure that only authorised users have access to your data.


Our solution supports an expert system with integrated agricultural intelligence. It also supports a highly customizable alert system via sms and email. It does not matter what kind of crop you have, our solution is suited for almost all crops and its view and analytics can be customized to your specific needs.